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Plan for Tomorrow

Live for today

Live for today

Let us help you plan for the future.

Our Philosophy

  1. The true value of good financial planning is not in the numbers, but in the life that the numbers make possible. We are dedicated to using our financial expertise to help our clients build and maintain the lives that they desire.

  2. We like people, and really enjoy helping them. We always take a fiduciary approach. In other words, we always put our clients’ interests ahead of our own.
  3. We recognize that the best new clients are those referred by existing clients and their CPAs and attorneys. Therefore, in order to benefit everyone concerned, including ourselves, we strive to give outstanding service to every client and the other professionals with whom they work.
  4. In solving problems for, or making recommendations to our clients, we don’t shoot from the hip, wing it, or depend on our “expert intuition”. We have thorough, methodical, and proven processes for financial planning and investment management, and we stick to them religiously.

  5. We respect and trust our clients, and don’t like to sell. Therefore, we act as consultants, educating our clients on the pro’s and con’s of alternative solutions to their financial problems, so that they can make their own intelligent and informed decisions.

  6. Changes do occur in tax laws, the economy, the financial services industry, and the lives of our clients. To give good service we strive to stay on top of these changes and make whatever adjustments will give our clients the best chances of staying on track towards their goals.

  7. We collaborate fully with our clients’ CPAs and attorneys. We respect their professionalism, and need and want their input and agreement on the financial plans we create for the clients we share with them. We also keep them fully informed in real time of every action we take in implementing the plans they’ve approved.

  8. We do suggest pro-active Tax Planning strategies to our clients’ CPAs, who previously may have been involved only with historical financial reporting and the preparation of tax returns. We do this in the context of helping those CPAs to preserve, protect, and expand their professional relationships with the clients we share with them.

  9. Unlike many independent financial planning firms, we do not engage in the unlicensed practice of law on Estate Planning cases. When desired by our clients, we accompany them to their Estate Planning attorneys, or to ones we can recommend if they don’t already have their own, and collaborate with the attorneys in the proper professional manner. We provide our input regarding client data and investment and insurance issues, and translate the attorneys legalese into plain English our clients can understand. The attorneys interview the clients directly, design the Estate Plans, and draft the necessary documents. We then follow through per the attorneys’ instructions to help ensure assets get into trusts and all other implementation details are properly completed.

  10. Clients expect regular, pro-active communication from their advisors, to keep them informed of what’s happening with their money, even when nothing is happening, but especially when the market as a whole is doing poorly. We do our best to provide this ongoing communication in a number of ways.


  • We believe that Modern Portfolio Theory (strategic asset allocation, diversification, and periodic rebalancing) is the best approach for long term investment results, but not necessarily always for the short term. Major “statistical outlier” events such as the market crashes of 2000 and 2008 may not be statistically likely, but they can and do occur. We believe that it is irresponsible for an advisor to refuse to at least attempt some adjustment to the obvious reality of such events. Therefore we take a pragmatic, common sense approach to portfolio management.

 For a free initial consultation regarding any aspect of your financial affairs or concerns, please call us at 818-995-3500.

Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck