For Business Owners and Professionals

Being a business owner, and dealing with the responsibilities, risks, and opportunities that “come with the territory,” is a unique experience that has to be lived to be truly understood and appreciated.  Does it make any sense, then, for a business owner to have a financial advisor who has not had this experience himself?


One of Alan Goodstein's essential qualities is that he grew up in a large family business, worked in it from the age of 16, studied about it in college, and then helped run it for 15 years, before becoming a financial planner.  Most of Alan's initial clients were business owners, too. 


Specific financial planning services we provide to business owners include the following


Comprehensive Financial Plans and Planning


Retirement Planning


Property and Casualty Insurance Review:  (We don't sell property and casualty insurance)


Retirement Plan Consultation


401(k) Employee Education:


Succession Planning


Investment Portfolio Management


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