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Our Services

Goodstein Wealth Management LLC delivers financial planning assistance in the following traditional areas:

§     Goal setting, budgeting, and saving

§     Asset protection, risk management, and insurance planning

§     Business planning

§     Tax planning

§     Retirement planning

§     Estate planning

§     Investment management


Services for business owners include: 

§     Pro-active tax reduction planning

§     Employee compensation and retention planning

§     Property and casualty insurance review

§     Key man disability and life insurance Review

§     Qualified retirement plans

§     401(k) and other portfolio management

§     Succession planning

                       We do not sell Insurance

Services especially for executives and other highly-compensated employees:

§     Compensation package review

§     Stock option analysis


Services especially for retirees: 

§     Social Security planning

§     IRA distribution planning

§     Retirement income portfolios

§     Medicare supplement health insurance

§     Long-term care insurance Planning

§     Estate planning

§     Financial concierge service


Investment vehicles employed include:

§     Individual common and preferred stocks

§     Individual municipal and corporate bonds

§     Mutual funds (open and closed end)

§     Real estate investment trusts (REITs)

§    Real estate


Basically, we help our clients solve their financial planning problems.  Alan is always available to answer their questions, no matter how “silly” or sophisticated.  Frequently asked questions include:   

§    Am I doing the right thing about ________?

§    I'm getting married.  What financial steps should I take?

§    We're having a child.  How can we avoid making financial mistakes now that will affect him or her later?

§    Can we afford to buy a home?  Or buy a bigger home? 

§    Will my family be OK if something happens to me?

§    Do we have enough insurance?  Too much?  The right kind?

§    How should I invest the money in my 401K?

§    I'm thinking about going into business, but I'm not sure if I have enough capital to do so successfully.  Can you help me figure this out?

§    This economy scares me.  How can I avoid losing what I've worked so hard to build up?

§    How can I use the economic downturn to my advantage?

§    I'm paying too much in taxes.  How can I reduce my tax bill for the future?

§    How do I start a retirement plan for my business?  Which kind of plan would be best for my company?

§    How can I get more profits out of my company and into my retirement plan without paying more in taxes?

§    When will I have enough money set aside to retire?

§    I've heard about Roth IRA conversion.  Is this something I should do?

§    Now that I'm retired, how much can I take out of my savings to live on each year without running out of money later?

§    Do we need to downsize our house, or can we continue to live here?

§    What are my chances of winding up in a nursing home?  If that happens, will I be able to afford one?

§    I want my grandkids to go to college.  What's the best way to give money to them?

§    How can I make sure that my remaining assets go to where I want them to when I die?

§    How can I pass on my values to my heirs, not just my money?

§    I need to buy a new car, but I'm elderly now, and I just can't say no to salespeople.  Can you come with me to make sure I don't get taken advantage of?

§    I'm affluent, but due to my personality, workload, or age I don't want to be bothered with having to handle my money.  I need a personal financial manager like movie stars have.  Can you take over and get everything done that needs to be done.


Our response to all of these questions is, “Yes, of course we can help you with that.”  We won't accept just anyone as a client, but once we do begin a service relationship, we do whatever the client actually needs, whatever that may be, as long as it relates to their money supporting their having the lives that they desire.

For a free initial consultation regarding any aspect of your financial affairs or concerns, please call us at 818-995-3500.


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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck