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Being a business owner, and dealing with the responsibilities, risks, and opportunities that “come with the territory,” is a unique experience that has to be lived to be truly understood and appreciated.  Does it make any sense, then, for a business owner to have a financial advisor who has not had this experience himself?


At their core, most financial advisors are either salespeople or technical specialists.  True, they may be running their own practices, but that’s a far cry from running a “real” business.  One of Alan Goodstein’s essential qualities is that he grew up in a large family business, worked in it from the age of 16, studied about it in college, and then helped run it for 15 years, before becoming a financial planner.  Most of Alan’s initial clients were business owners, too. 


With this background, Alan truly understands and shares the business owner viewpoint, which is why he’s been so successful at providing his business owner clients with the kind of advisor relationship they always needed and wanted but could never find previously.  He is able to function as an invaluable sounding board on all the financial issues and concerns they must deal with on a daily basis.  They value his input on various aspects of the financial management of their enterprises, as well as the traditional insurance and investment topics to which other advisors are usually limited.  This is especially the case during tough economic times such as we’ve experienced since 2008.


Specific financial planning services we provide to business owners include the following:


Get Your House in Order:  A small business owner can easily get pulled in many directions at once, and never have the time to really get organized with respect to his business and personal finances.  We have a specific process that results in all of your essential financial information being easily accessible through your computer, so you can see a current snapshot of how you’re doing at any time.  If you so desire, we can set this up to help you with the actual management of your business as well as your personal finances.


Proactive Tax Planning:  We collaborate closely with our clients’ CPAs to ensure that no stone is left unturned in an effort to drive their tax bills as low as possible.  Most small business owners believe that their CPAs are already taking care of them well enough in this regard, and in many cases they are right.  On the other hand, many CPAs are so busy catching up with the past regarding financial reporting and tax return preparation that they just don’t have time to thoroughly set up their clients’ affairs to maximally reduce tax liabilities for the future.  That’s where we can help. 


We use special software that predicts which of 113 different tax reduction strategies might be effective for any given client.  For any suggested strategy that has not already been implemented, we collaborate with the client’s CPA to determine whether or not it would actually be helpful, and if so, we work with the CPA to help get it implemented.  Many business owners going through this process experience significant tax savings, and their CPAs generally appreciate the respectful and supportive manner in which we handle our professional relationship with them. 


Employee Retention:  Keeping your best people is crucial to sustaining business success.  The benefits package you provide to them can make the difference between their staying and leaving.  The issue is how to give them the most value for the least cost.  We can help you sort through the alternatives to find the right solution for your business.


Property and Casualty Insurance Review:  We don’t sell property and casualty insurance, but as a service to our business owner clients we do analyze their coverage to determine whether or not it is appropriate to their current circumstances and needs.  Then we liaise with their P&C insurance agents to help facilitate the needed coverage at a fair price.


Key Man Insurance:  Small businesses are especially vulnerable to the temporary or permanent loss of key personnel (including the owner) due to death or disability.  The appropriate insurance coverage can prevent this type of major inconvenience from becoming a business disaster.


Retirement Plan Selection:  The selection and maintenance of retirement plans for small business owners and their employees has become tremendously complicated.  It’s easy enough to get a financial advisor to implement some kind of plan for you, but is it actually the right one for your business, given the consequences of your selection down the road under different possible future scenarios?  We can help you sort through these issues.


401(k) Employee Education:  As an employer and plan sponsor, you have responsibilities under the law to provide your employees with a certain amount of education regarding the investment of funds inside their 401K accounts.  We can provide this advice to help you and your employees do as well as market conditions allow.


Succession Planning:  Unless you die first, you will someday sell your business. When you do, how can you structure the ownership transfer to walk away with the most money, the lowest taxes on that money, and the greatest possibility of the buyer actually completing the payments to which he’s agreed?  How will the sale of your business dovetail with your retirement and estate planning?   If you die or become disabled prematurely, will your business be able to survive and prosper without you, and continue to support your family?  If not, how will they make up the difference?  These are questions that many business owners ignore until it’s too late.  We can help you face them now so you’re prepared for all eventualities.


Investment Portfolio Management:  Most small business owners have the bulk of their wealth tied up in their businesses, but many have substantial investments on the side, that need wise management just as much as their businesses do.  And, when an owner eventually sells his business, the proceeds will have to be invested in order to replace the personal cash flow that he used to receive as the owner.  Our approach to investment management is outlined on the “Our Philosophy” page of this website.  If you like what you read there, we’d be happy to provide you with an analysis and review of your portfolio at no charge. 


For a free initial consultation regarding any aspect of your financial affairs or concerns, please call us at 818-995-3500.



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