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Financial Concierge Service

The term “concierge” is derived from Latin root words meaning “extra service.”  A traditional concierge is a doorman or front desk person in a hotel or apartment building who takes care of whatever miscellaneous personal services a guest or tenant may need, within reason.  In our firm, “concierge services” means those miscellaneous, finance-related personal services we provide to our clients in addition to actual financial planning.  Basically, we’re available to them by cell phone 7 days a week until 9 pm to answer any question and help solve any problem regarding their financial affairs, no matter how big or small. 


The true value of good financial planning is not in the numbers, but in the life that the numbers make possible.  Therefore, we deliver whatever financial-related service our clients need and want, no matter how far “out of the box” it may be, so long as that service furthers the end result of their money supporting the life they desire.


Also, our viewpoint is that we’re in the relationship business, not the transaction business.  Therefore, when we have implemented the transactions we’ve recommended for a new client, our real work has only just begun.  We remain immediately available to them as their ongoing financial friend and collaborator. 


We often consult on major financial decisions, both business and personal, as our clients go through life changes.  This can include such matters as changing jobs or careers, starting a business, getting divorced or remarried, caring for an aging parent, etc.  Our clients often just want us to give them an opinion on whether or not they’re doing the right thing financially.  We do our best to help keep them out of trouble, and provide whatever emotional support they need.


We’re especially adept at this for small business owners.  We grew up in a medium-sized family business, and then ran it as adults, before going into financial planning.  With this background, we truly understand and share the business owner viewpoint in all its objective and subjective details.


Many of our retired clients find that, as their energy wanes, they need assistance with relatively small matters they could have easily handled on their own when they were younger.  For example, we’ve several times accompanied a retired client to buy a new car or make some other large purchase, because the client no longer knew how to say “no” to an aggressive salesperson and didn’t want to get taken. 


We even provide complete accounting, and financial management service for a few clients, who feel the need for it due to personality, workload, or age.  We become their personal financial managers just like movie stars have, and get everything done that needs to be done. Candidates for this type of service are usually retirees, artists, athletes, or sole practitioner professionals.


In the area of estate planning, when needed and desired we can help our clients sort through emotional family issues regarding the division of assets.  We’ve been through this in our own family, so we really empathize with clients whose family dynamics make these decisions difficult.  We also often accompany our clients to their estate planning attorneys, not only to make sure the attorney has all the information he needs, but also to translate his legalese into plain English our clients can understand.  We also follow through to help get the attorneys’ instructions carried out, instead of leaving our clients on their own to remember everything they have to do to make the estate plan effective.


We also help our interested clients pass on their non-physical assets – their values and accumulated wisdom – in addition to their material wealth.  We help them make a record of their life experiences, cherished memories, traditions, values, life lessons, accumulated wisdom, and anything else of emotional, intellectual, and spiritual value that the family wants transmitted to the next generation.  This can include written documents, pictures, and audio and video recordings.  Personal messages can be programmed for delivery years after a client’s passing. 


Finally, when the time comes, we’re there for the surviving spouse, to provide emotional support and guidance through the financial aspects of the transition.  We try to help her (or him) do the right things and not make any foolish mistakes, and we remain a dependable “lean on me” resource as long as needed.   


None of the services described in this section are part of narrowly construed traditional financial planning, but we do them anyway, because they contribute in some way to the ultimate purpose of our work, which is to assist clients to have their money support the lives they desire.


For a free initial consultation regarding any aspect of your financial affairs or concerns, please call us at 818-995-3500.



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