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Coping With Life Changes

As we go through life, our circumstances periodically change.  When they do, it’s essential to take a new look at our finances, and make adjustments and decisions to deal with our new responsibilities and opportunities.  It’s also wise to prepare in advance for changes that are sure to happen, or that have a significant possibility of happening.


We have specific processes for helping our clients with each type of “mid-course correction.”  Here are a couple of examples, with some (not all) of the points we address.



§    If there was a prenuptial agreement, both parties must be represented by an attorney, to make sure the terms of the prenuptial agreement are understood and either carried out or renegotiated.

§    After the assets are split, they must be individually retitled in the name of the party acquiring sole ownership. 

§    Beneficiary designations in wills, trusts, annuities, insurance policies, and bank accounts must be reviewed and changed as needed.

§    When one party has been taking care of the family finances for years, the other may feel completely at sea having to take on that responsibility, and should get a complete new financial plan from the ground up.


Death of a Parent or Spouse

§    Despite the obstacle of emotion over one’s loss, certain practical details must be handled in a timely fashion.

§    Get an attorney and a CPA to help with the transition.

§    Asset titling and beneficiary designations must be updated.

§    However, don’t make any major decisions for a year.  Make sure you’re emotionally recovered before changing your previous direction in any way.


These are just two of many life events for which we help our clients.  See below for a more complete list.  For a free information packet on any of these events, just call our office at 818-995-3500. 


§     Changing Jobs

§     Becoming Unemployed

§     Getting Married

§     Starting a Family

§     Buying a Home

§     Saving for College

§     Starting a Business

§     Closing a Business

§     Managing College Expenses

§     Getting Divorced 

§     Planning for Business Succession

§     Financial Windfall

§     Caring for an Aging Parent

§     Planning for Retirement  

§     Nearing Retirement or Retiring

§     Long-Term Care Planning

§     Planning an Estate

§     Death of a Parent

§     Death of a Spouse


For a free initial consultation regarding any aspect of your financial affairs or concerns, please call us at 818-995-3500.



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