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You’ve worked hard for your success.  Now you deserve a financial advisor as accomplished as you are – a Certified Financial Planner who really knows what he’s doing, actually cares about you and your family, and has a track record of getting the job done for his clients.  Someone who


§    Is not sales oriented, but instead always puts your interests ahead of his own.   


§    Empowers you to make intelligent and informed decisions, by clearly explaining the pro’s and con’s of alternative solutions to your financial problems.


§    Managed a family business for 15 years before becoming a financial planner, and therefore thoroughly understands the special needs of business owners and high net worth families.  Functions as a trusted sounding board when needed on the full range of their financial concerns.


§    Helps senior executives and other high-income employees understand and evaluate their compensation packages, including how and when to cash in stock options to maximize their after-tax value.


§    Systematically brings IRS-approved ideas to your CPA to help reduce your income tax bill for years into the future so you can hang on to more of your money.


§     Employs advanced portfolio management techniques that include Modern Portfolio Theory but go beyond it to potentially reduce volatility and increase gains. 


§    Provides wise counsel on the financial aspects of major life events such as marriage, divorce, starting a business, changing jobs or careers, sending children to college, dealing with aging parents, making the transition into retirement, etc.


§    Is a specialist in diversified retirement income portfolios to maximize potential for your money to last as long as you do, or, if that’s not an issue, to have the most left over to pass on to your heirs and charities.


§    Collaborates with your attorney expertly on succession and estate planning.


§     Has a complete system to help you transfer non-material wealth (values, memories, wisdom, etc.) to your heirs if that is important to you.


§     Is available to clients by cell phone until 9 pm to answer any question and help solve any financial problem whether large or small. 


§     Has a relaxed personality and business style you’ll enjoy working with.


If these points describe the financial advisor you’d like to have, then look no further.  You’ve found him.  He’s Alan Goodstein, CFP. 



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